What is a Radiologist?

A Consultant Radiologist is a medically qualified doctor who uses imaging to diagnose and treat your condition. Typically, Consultant Radiologists will have completed a University degree in Medicine and have completed specialist Radiology training, obtaining the internationally recognised FRCR qualification in the process. Therefore, they are well-rounded highly trained experts in the field of imaging and are the gold-standard for delivering scan interpretation and image-guided injections.

What is one-stop?

One-stop means having your condition diagnosed and treated in the same visit. Your doctor may refer you to Dr Sarkodieh even before a firm diagnosis has been made. In his consultation with you, Dr Sarkodieh will discuss your symptoms, perform a diagnostic ultrasound scan and then discuss the most appropriate treatment strategy with you. If this includes having an injection, he can perform this for you in the same visit. This means you receive expert diagnosis and treatment in one convenient appointment.

Can I pay through my insurer?

Yes, these are my insurer numbers:

Bupa – 07016495

AXA-PPP – JS08201

WPA – 920739885

Cigna – 207865

Aviva – 600103224

Vitality health – 013DA3HL6